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Robert Murray is a native of Ontario, Canada. He began his career as an artist in his early teens and migrated to Alberta after high school to attend Red Deer College where he studied fine arts.


Later, Robert lived in London, England where he served as a missionary for the Latter Day Saint Church. He claims that the European impressionist's work found there had a profound influence on him. When he returned to Alberta, he met his wife Judy and shortly married thereafter. They have 5 children. All are blessed with artistic gifts like their father.


Robert has authored 3 books, licensed numerous sporting wear designs, and at one time hosted to a weekly cartoon strip. He is also a returning exhibitor at the world-famous Calgary Stampede Art Gallary.


It was in the early 1990's when Robert began to focus his attention on painting. Roberts's work evolved over time. From the beginning, where he painted tiny detailed scenes on 3 lb stones for which he sold literally tons of product, to where he presently finds himself on hydraulic lifts painting images over 3 stories tall.

His work can be found throughout North America.  His "canvas" ranges anywhere from a wall in a hospital unit, a seniors center, to a surrounding garden scene at a wedding chapel. Although his work is quite detailed and rich in color and content, the average time to complete a project is about 8 hours.


Of all of the qualities offered by Robert Murray, his greatest is his sense of humor and wit. This has been a great blessing when communicating with a customer.

Master Murals by Robert  Murray
CTV News Edmonton

Master Murals by Robert Murray


Town of Lamont Alberta

He went above and beyond >


We had the privilege of hiring Mr. Murray to paint murals for the Town of Lamont and not just any mural. Mr. Murray was tasked with painting the whole east side of the town arena, a complete building, and a wall of the Fire Hall. 

He went above and beyond. The murals are beautiful and have been the source of conversation for the past four months and will for years to come. His eye for beauty and imagination is something you can only do if you have the passion and are a true artist. Mr. Murray is a true artist.


Mr. Murray was very easy to work with. Staff were very pleased with his work ethic and would work with him again without hesitation. Mr. Robert Murray comes highly recommended by the town of Lamont's Mayor, Council, staff, and citizens. We hope to have him return next year to do more. 


- Sandi M. 

CAO Town of Lamont 

Town of Bruderheim Alberta

We would retain Robert for future work in our community without hesitation >


The town of Bruderheim contracted Robert Murray to paint a mural depicting the Bruterheim Metroite on the side of the administration building, on planter boxes in the community, and on rocks that were presented to community residents. Additionally, Robert painted the black and white mural of a firefighter attending to a burning building for the Bruderheim Fire Department Centennial Celebration. 

Robert provided us with timely service to meet our deadlines for the unveiling of these projects and provided ample of opportunity to make revisions to his work as he progressed. 

We would retain Robert for future work in our community without hesitation and were pleased with the quality of his work in Bruderheim. 


- Patty P. 

CAO, Town of Bruderheim 

Tamarack Trail Realty

His artwork has been an impeccable addition to our office and community >

Robert's work has been an impeccable addition to our office and our community. It has brought special attention not only to our business, but also to the Town of Rocky Mountain House. He has been a pleasure to work with and is a kind and loving gentleman, which has made our decisions to hire him very easy. He has had many other business owners approach and employ him as well. I have spoken to the Town and they are also looking into providing a business incentive to have him continue displaying his amazing talent. 


- Lorna M.

Owner / Broker 

Return Customer

We would be honored to have you paint it again for us! >


"I have to tell you something. There is a house in our neighborhood (around the corner) that we have liked since we moved here 4 years ago. We walk by it every day walking our dog. We heard it was going up for sale before it actually went up for sale. We had a chance to see it first before anyone else and put an offer to buy it. Our offer was based on selling our house. We listed our house and a couple from Calgary moving to St. Albert came to see our house and fell in love with the fence as it reminded them of Banff. They have bought our house and we move in a week and a half. My wife is sad that we won’t see our beautiful fence every day anymore so I wanted to find out if you would paint the fence for us in our new home?? We would be honored to have you paint it again for us!"


- Customer 

Edmonton, AB 

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